How To Change PSP Themes and icon Step By Step

After The video tutorial about how to install PSP Themes, i hope many psp user has understood about this tutorial video. If you have problem to see the video, maybe you'll like know how to change psp themes psp theme step by step. I get this tutorial from UK Playstation. OK, lets start how to change the theme for psp.

[Theme] has been added to (Theme Settings) under Settings. A theme is a collection of
settings that define the Home Menu colour, background, and icons.

Changing the PSP themes:

1. Go to Settings > [Theme Settings] > [Theme].
2. Select the theme you want to change.

Original: The PSP system default theme is displayed.
Cookies: The [Cookies] theme is displayed. This option is only applicable to PSP-2000 series systems.
Custom Theme: A theme that has been saved in the PSP system memory is displayed. Only one theme can be saved in the PSP system memory.
[Theme Icon]: A theme that has been saved on Memory Stick Duo media is displayed. Any number of themes can be saved on Memory Stick Duo media.


When a theme that is saved on Memory Stick Duo media is applied, it is saved in the PSP system memory. If a theme is already saved in the PSP system memory, a message confirming whether or not to overwrite it will be displayed.

Downloading a theme

Download Theme Cookies. This theme is pre-installed in the system software version 3.70 of PSP-2000 series systems.

Download Theme Classy Pink.

Downloading using a PC/laptop

1. Use a PC to create a folder named "PSP" on Memory Stick Duo media, and then create a subfolder named "THEME".

2. Download the theme.

3. Save the downloaded theme in the "THEME" subfolder.

Downloading from PSP

1. Insert the Memory Stick Duo media in the PSP system.

2. Start [Internet Browser] under Network and download the theme. The required folders are automatically created.

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